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White paper

How to keep your Customer Experience Platform relevant.

In this white paper you'll learn: 

  • How data and insights can contribute to the relevance, growth, and engagement of your self-service app or website;
  • 7 growth hacking tips for lowering the Cost per Acquired Customer (CAC), so that your platform grows while you spend less;
  • Which metrics you can use to measure engagement;
  • How to increase the engagement and retention of your Customer Experience Platform;

Learn how data and insights can contribute to the growth and retention of your Customer Experience Platform


Defy gravity and grow your CX Platform

Sooner or later, it happens to every platform: You reach a point where that explosive growth suddenly stops. When that happens, it seems like your platform has reached its limit on all fronts. It’s harder to attract new users. You’re less successful at optimizing user behavior and engagement. The value that your users get from using your platform is at its organic limit. This is what we call “gravity.” It’s the unavoidable force that weighs on your digital platform. And your self-service app will eventually feel that gravity too. In this white paper, we show you how to defy gravity with the right data and the right process.